A postura estatal frente à regulação voltada ao desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico

AutorTulio Picanço Taketomi
CargoGraduado em Direito pela Universidade do Estado do Amazonas
A postura estatal frente à regulação voltada ao desenvolvimento científico... (p. 72-85)
A postura estatal frente à reg ulação voltada ao desenvolvimento cient ífico e tecnológico. Revist a
de Direito Set orial e Regulatório
, v. 7 nº 2, p. 72-85, outubro 2021.
A postura estatal frente à regulação voltada ao
desenvolvimento científico e tecnológico
The State standing on regulation focused on scientific and technological
Submetid o(
): 13/05/2 021
Túlio Picanço Taketomi*
ORCID: 0000-0002-4892-1525
): 20/05/2 021
): 29/05/20 21
Artigo submetido à revisão ce ga por pares
Article submitted to peer blind re view
Licensed under a Creative Common s Attribution 4.0 International
The present study intends to focus on the scienc e, technology and innovation
sector, presenting some difficulties faced and the recent interventionist and
developmenta l state actions, addressing the State 's attitude towards the regulatio n of the
various economic sectors, in search of promotin g an enabling environ ment scientific and
technologica l development.
[Methodology /approach/design]
This is a qualitativ e, basic, descriptive, and
bibliographic research, seeking essentially to review the literature that addre sses the
proposed theme. This article will introduce the theme from a brief ana lysis of the
Brazilian backgrou nd i n educ ation, scientific production, and the transformatio n of
scientific knowle dge into innovative products and proces ses. Then, the state norms
focused o n science, techn ology and innov ation will be analyzed, presentin g some more
recent exa mples of direct State intervention , in addition to addressing o ther regulatory
instruments and tec hniques used to create an env ironment con ducive to nati onal
scientific and technologica l develop ment. The co nclusion will s eek to synthes ize the
central ideas developed in the text, conc luding by the need to theorize regulation, in
order to promote balance and prescribe the most appropriate dosa ge of regula tory
instruments a nd techniques, within a w ell-articulated, inte lligent and orderly stra tegy.
At the end of the present stu dy, without discarding the interve ntionist and
entrepreneur ial role o f the deve lopmentalist sta te, nor d isregarding the importance of
state i ncentives for the creation of a com petitive environme nt that stim ulates scientific
and technological inn ovation, it will be sustained that the theory of regulation should
promote balance and prescribe the most appropriate dosage of regulatory instru ments
and tech niques within a well-articulated, intelligent and orderly strategy, which knows
the mecha nism of operat ion of the m ain sectors that contribute to scientific a nd
technologica l development.
Graduado em Direito pela U niversidade do Es tado do Amazonas. Pós-Graduação Lato
Sensu em Direito Público (20 13), em Direito Administrativo (2018 ), em Direito Mil itar
(2019) e em D ireito Processual Civil (2020). Advogado da União. E-mail:

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