On Being Global.

AutorBellini, Carlo Gabriel Porto

BAR is the flagship international journal of ANPAD--Brazilian Academy of Management, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic societies in Brazil and Latin America. Since 1976, ANPAD hosts conferences on a myriad of topics of interest in business and public administration, management science, and organization studies (hereafter referred to as BPA/MS/OS), with its annual meeting (ENANPAD) attracting over a thousand participants in the fields of marketing, strategy, technology and innovation management, operations, logistics, supply chain management, information management, human resources management, public administration, accounting, finance, organization theories, and theories of teaching and research.

BAR and a number of other peer-reviewed journals in Brazil follow ANPAD's rationale of being home to scholars and studies from all those heterogeneous fields, provided that they contribute to the frontiers of scholarly knowledge and to research traditions in a particular BPA/MS/OS topic. For instance, a study that advances the literature on strategy will be accepted for publication in BAR if it is of similar quality to studies published in reputed journals of strategy--and the same applies to studies coming from all other field-specific scholarly communities acknowledged by ANPAD as representing BPA/MS/OS interests. As such, unlike most global titles on BPA/MS/OS, BAR is an outlet for a diverse community of scholars that typically populate the Brazilian graduate schools of management or similar denominations. With origins in how the Brazilian BPA/MS/OS academia developed by mixing practices borrowed mainly from the USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Scandinavian countries, those graduate schools (and the corresponding departments in Brazilian universities) ended up reflecting a constellation of expertise and individual frames of mind. As a result, most Brazilian BPA/MS/OS journals, BAR included, reflect that constellation of inputs and form a unique basket of publication venues, in the sense that they welcome manuscripts whose authors would otherwise submit to field-specific journals.

That constellation of scholarly fields and perspectives is necessarily reflected in BAR's editorial boards--the advisory board, the associate editors board, the board of prospective associate editors, the board of ad hoc reviewers, and the position of editor-in-chief (EIC). The new EIC since May 2nd, 2018, Dr. Carlo Gabriel Porto Bellini, is a scholar on management information systems. He was preceded by Dr. Salomao Alencar de Farias (1) (marketing), Dr. Jorge Manoel Teixeira Carneiro (2) (international business and strategic management), Dr. Rogerio Hermida Quintella (3) (technology and innovation management), Dr. Clovis Luiz Machado-da-Silva (4) (organization studies), and Dr. Tomas de Aquino Guimaraes (5) (human resources management). Such a variety of expertise in the EIC position is particularly needed to inform the scholarly community that BAR is an eclectic BPA/MS/OS outlet, but also to refresh the communication pattern from time to time and enable the contact with multiple communities of potential contributors.

Nevertheless, is BAR a truly...

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