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Publicação semestral do NEPGD. Reúne trabalhos de pesquisadores que investigam diferentes temáticas nas áreas da teoria feministas do direito, dos direitos das mulheres e das questões de gênero. Os trabalhos são submetidos ao crivo dos membros do Conselho Editorial e dos pareceristas escolhidos entre especialistas no tema.

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  • Problems of using foreign experience in the counteraction of crime in the juvenile field
  • Regulation of small business development in Russia

    Entrepreneurship is a special kind of economic activity, which is based on independent initiative, responsibility and innovative entrepreneurial idea. The relevance of the study is conditioned by the fact that, despite the fact that the level of scientific, technical and production potential of any state is determined by big business, the basis of life of the country are small businesses as the most wide-scale, dynamic and flexible form of business life. It is determined by the great socio-economic importance of this sector, which unites the present-day interests of the bulk of the population involved in labor activity. National policy in the field of small business development is characterized by a comprehensive approach to creating favorable conditions for its functioning. The approach includes the following regulatory methods: improving the regulatory framework, forming branched and multi-level infrastructure for support of small business entities, ensuring availability of credit and financial mechanisms, and supporting foreign economic and innovative activity of small business entities. The formation of a well-developed business environment helps small businesses to become competitive at the market by fulfilling their economic potential, which contributes to successful development of the national economy as a whole. The development of small business is one of the priorities in the policy of the Russian Federation. In this regard, the paper is focused on studying the situation of small business development in Russia and identifying the main reasons hindering its development. The leading method for the study of the problem is the method of collecting empirical data and processing the research results, allowing a comprehensive review of methods and mechanisms for regulating the development of small business in Russia, comparing that with the experience of developed foreign countries. The paper presents the data on the level of small business development in the world’s major economies, describes forms and methods of regulation of small business development in Russia and abroad, and identifies the main factors hindering the growth of entrepreneurial activity in the area of small business. On the basis of the conducted research the key directions of improving the system of state regulation of small business development in Russia are substantiated.

  • Educating the verbal semantics in the context of actantial distribution
  • A bald man' or kaloghlan

    Tale onomastic has a longer life than other specimens of folklore. Sometimes we come across a name in a tale, in one language in another folklore specimen, or in the folklore specimens belonging to different peoples. Naturally this is the case, which we observe in the tales of relative peoples. In the formulation of the names of characters, the character of narrator of the tale, the ethnic peculiarities of the people to whom the tale belongs, is of great importance, and all this, though does not influence on the general objective law of formulation of the tale, it may have its impact on the contents of it. One of the specific features of folklore tales of the Turkic peoples lies in the fact that they are not separately-taken work of art, but they are the constituent parts, composing one complex of folk-lore. Just within the borders of this complex the names are in action and easily transform from one piece of art, to another one. Consequently, we happen to see the unique lexical panorama of folk-lore specimens in the Turkic languages. We witness this case in the tales on “Kaloghlan”, composing a greater complex. In the article, the position of anthroponymies entering the Turkic tales and proverbs "A Bald man" and "Kaloghlan", the stylistic possibilities, taking place within the text are explained.

  • Presidential powers in the system of state supervision in the management sphere of the russian federation
  • Violations of the law during the preliminary investigation in the russian criminal procedure

    This study identifies the violations committed by authorized officials in the exercise of their powers, as well as their causes and consequences for criminal process. The law enforcement practice of the preliminary investigation and its legal basis was carried out. Violation of the law during the preliminary investigation reduces its efficiency and diminishes the authority of state power in specific public relations. The study describes typical law violations in the investigator's actions in criminal procedure and concludes the priority of ensuring personal legal status in criminal procedure. The determinants of violations in the course of criminal procedure are determined on the basis of the analyzed criminal cases. It is concluded that the demands on the investigator's actions should be raised with the simultaneous increase of their personal responsibility for compliance with the relevant procedural framework of criminal process.

  • Analysis of the results of cadastral evaluation of buildings, premises, construction in transport technology

    This article is devoted to the study of the results of the cadastral valuation of buildings, premises, construction in progress and parking lots, which was carried out in 2018 in the Krasnodar Territory [7]. The shortcomings of the structure of the presentation of the approved results of the cadastral assessment were identified and analyzed, a new form of entering and sorting data was proposed to simplify the work with them.

  • Criminalistic features and exemplary parameters of defense speech
  • Problems of criminal religious extremism in modern society realities and russian legal science advancement

    The objective of this research is analysis of extremism problems. The paper presents theoretical bases analysis of optimizing the system of penal-legal and criminological measures against extremism and development of specific proposals and recommendations on improving legislation and preventive measures against this criminal phenomenon. The questions of phenomenology and tendencies of criminal religious extremism were considered in the study. System-structural analysis of its criminological properties and penal characteristic peculiarities of separate institutionalized and extra-institutionalized forms of religious extremism was conducted. In the study, technical and historical- juridical methods were applied. The study and generalization of theoretical materials of the study field were undertaken. Scientific novelty of the study is expressed, in particular, through such its provisions as definition of the authors’ concept "religious extremism", "criminal religious extremism". The authors analyzed foreign legal models peculiarities of counteraction against religious extremism and its separate kinds. The authors’ understanding of the criminological characteristic of social consciousness and religious extremism development tendencies in Russia is given. Specific personal character traits of an extremist and a factorial complex of criminal religious extremism were described, and limitations of modern Russian legislation, regulating different aspects of struggle against religious extremism, were revealed. Besides, propositions on improving current legislation, regulating liability for crimes, being a subject of this study, were formulated and substantiated, directions of improving penal and special criminological measures against religious extremism were determined; a set of specific revisions and amendments in the Russian Federation legislation was proposed.

  • Legal regulation of state - society partnership

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